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Business Law Review Vol. 30 (Spring 1997)
Table of Contents:

Ethics, Civility, and Pete Rose
    Edward R. Leahy, Boston College Law School

Arbitration as an Alternative to Fraud Litigation for International Letters of Credit
    Mark S. Blodgett, Suffolk University  and Donald O. Mayer, University of Oakland

Alternative Approaches to Accountants' Liability to Non-Clients: Privity of Contract, Intended Beneficiary, or Foreseeability
    Gerald R. Ferrera and Franklyn P. Salimbene, Bentley College

Applications of the "First Sale" Doctrine in Trademark Infringement Cases
    William E. Greenspan, University of Bridgeport

Controlling Encryption Exports: The Clash Between Freedom of Speech and National Security in Bernstein vs. U.S. Dept. of State
    Carter H. Manny, University of Southern Maine

The Expanding Role of Comparable Worth in European Law
    William Scheibal,

Impact of the INS Misappropriation Doctrine in the Cyberspace/Information Age
    David Silverstein, Suffolk University

Paid Union Organizers as Protected "Employees" Under the NLRA: The NLRB v Town & Country Electric Inc. Decision
    David P. Twomey, Boston College

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Business Law Review Vol. 29 (Spring 1996)
Table of Contents:

Acculturation in Business: Some Observations and Comments
    Robert E. Cheek and William G. Elliot, Saginaw Valley State University

From Private Clubs to Parades: How Accommodating are State Laws?
    Erika Marie Brown and Stephanie Greene, Boston College

American Geophysical vs. Texaco: A Canadian Perspective
    Dorothy Duplessis, University of New Brunswick and Gamewell Gantt, Idaho State University

Extraterritorial Application of the Lanham Trademark Act: A Review of Recent Case Law
    William E. Greenspan, University of Bridgeport

The Current Challenges to Punitive Damages Awards
    Margo E.K. Reder, Bentley College

The Issue of Punitive Damages in Products Liability: A Fresh Look at an Old Problem
    Robert E. Shapiro and Richard J. Hunter, Jr., Seton Hall University

Reconsidering the Constitutionality of Statutory Delegation of Authority to Private Automobile Insurers to Assess Surcharges Under a Merit Rating System
    David Silverstein and Virginia A Greiman, Suffolk University

The Impact of Recent Supreme Court Decisions on Trade Dress Protection and the Use of Colors as Trademarks
    David P. Twoomey, Boston College

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Business Law Review Vol. 28 (Spring 1995)
Table of Contents:

Letters of Credit: Narrowing the Fraud Exception
    Erika Marie Brown, Boston College

Beware Friendly Dog; Who is Liable?
    William E. Greenspan, University of Bridgeport

Efforts to Reduce Piracy of U.S. Intellectual Property in China
    Carter Manny, University of Southern Maine

McKennon vs. Nashville Banner Publication Co.: the Supreme Court Puts After-Acquired Evidence In Its Rightful Place
    Christine Neylon O'Brien, Boston College

Safety First! Massachusetts Takes Another Look at Employee Drug Testing
    Lucille M. Ponte, Bentley College

When Labor Balked and Management Clutched: Legal Issues Surrounding the 1994-95 Major League Baseball Strike
    Carol-Daugherty Rasnic, Virginia Commonwealth University

The U.S.-China Trade Dispute Over Intellectual Property Protection: Timely Resolution or Time Bomb?
    David Silverstein, Suffolk University

Employer Monitoring of Telephone Calls and Electronic Mail: Staying Within the Employer Exceptions Under Federal Law
    David P. Twomey, Boston College

Sexual Harassment: A Workplace Faux Pas
    Bruce W. Warren, Simmons College

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