MIS7540 Reading #6

Advanced Software Design
Babson College, Spring 1997, Prof. Steven Gordon

Read about the Zachman Framework in this article written by Zachman himself. The Zachman Framework provides an excellent perspective from which to view software development as well as other information technology projects. In subsequent classes, we will be focusing on the data and function (often called process) columns.

Read these lecture notes (author unknown) about data modeling starting from What is a Process Model on down. Here are two examples of Data Flow Diagrams (DFDs) one from Martin and one from Gane (I'm afraid this one's a bit hard to read).

Please scan the article by W.J. Orlikowski called CASE Tools as Organizational Change: Investigating Incremental and Radical Changes in Systems Development. This paper looks at the adoption of CASE tools for software development as requiring a process of organizational change. This paper is a bit of a tough read, however if you focus on the case studies themselves and on the implications for systems development practice you should find it quite interesting.

The IDEF methods are a set of standards promulgated by the National Institute of Standards. From this link (click here) read about IDEF0, IDEF1, and IDEF1X at a minimum. Another good overview on the background of IDEF1X can be found by clicking here. Follow the Table of Contents link at the bottom of the document and sample some of the elements of the table of contents.

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