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First day low sun in Yellowknife



               First day in Yellowknife

             This is a photo at about 1:30 pm on January 18, 2010.  Notice how low the sun is on the horizon  




Road to Wha Ti and Gameti closed          


         On the Winter Road to Wha Ti (part 1)

            Can someone give Dr. Huntington a ride?

              Oh, wait, the ROAD is CLOSED!!! 






        Making the first measurement on the ice,

         On the Winter Road to Wha Ti (part 2)







      Drilling a Hole in the Ice, On the Winter Road to Wha Ti (part 3)

      Or:  Why is the ECONOMIST doing the drilling??? 







          The Ice Road to the Diamond Mines

           Still no one will give Dr. Huntington a ride...

                  (Someone should tell Henry that this road is also closed ......)