Important Disclaimer

All of the materials in this database are notes that I have taken as I've read various articles and books. While I tried to keep some standards of referencing, sometimes I forgot to include proper quotes around verbatim passages or properly reference every sentence or paragraph as I read the article.

Usually the reference for any particular statement not explicitly referenced is either attributable to a nearby reference on the page (i.e. the one before it) or to Dick Scott's book Organizations (which provided the initial backbone for this notes database). Since I'm a neophyte in OB research you can be assured that none of the ideas are my own.

I apologize if I've slighted anybody by failing to include proper quotes or references, or changed the meaning of particular articles by the notes I've taken on them. Any note-taking naturally affects the meaning and interpretation of a text -- I'd highly reccomend reading the actual article before using it in your own writings.

If anybody thinks something should be changed, please don't hesitate to send me a note (