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Last updated June 18th, 1997

Purpose: This website is the beginnings of a library of useful teaching resources for lectures on teams and teamwork. The resources were gathered to help build a short lecture series on teams and teamwork suitable for an introductory manufacturing course at a business school.

Teams in Manufacturing

Teams are an important part of all manufacturing organizations. Often the productivity and efficiency of production processes is directly related to how well the various production teams work together. With the rise in popularity of Total Quality and Re-engineerng, self-directed and high performance work teams have become a key element in productivity improvement programs at most manufacturing sites.

One Day Lecture Module on Teams and Teamwork

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Teams in Education

Teamwork is also important back at the university, as more classes include group projects as part of their course design. Many of the team dynamics present in manufacturing teams also occur in small-group learning projects. Understanding these behaviors and situations can help both the professor and students anticipate and manage team progress and ensure a good learning experience for everyone.

Lecture Module to Teach Students about Team Dynamics in Their Group Projects

Best Practices in Using Teams in Coursework

Resources on Teams and Teamwork