Luke Stein

Statement on Tolerance

This week, Donald Trump was elected with the support of voters associated with a majority of the electoral college. (Some, I assume, are good people.)

During the campaign, Trump made statements that may embolden some members of our communities to say or do intolerant things — particularly given Trump’s victory.

To those who find themselves on the receiving end of intolerance: I cannot tell you that you are welcome in this country. And to those who commit intolerant acts, or accept their commission: I cannot tell you that you are unwelcome in this country. It is my country, but it is also many others’.

My classroom and my office are, however, mine.

So, to students and scholars who accept others and reject intolerance: You are welcome in my classroom and my office. Those of any race and of any color are welcome. Those of any religion or of no religion are welcome. Those of any sex and of any gender are welcome. Those of any sexual orientation are welcome. Those of any nationality and of any national origin are welcome. Young and old are welcome. The disabled are welcome, as are the able. There are, of course, standards of appropriate behavior that constrain you once you arrive, but any student or scholar who accepts others and rejects intolerance is welcome in my classroom and office.

Arizona State University ACD 401: Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation